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Summer lotteries in Shangri La casino in Tbilisi

Since July 1, 2017, a series of lotteries with an increased prize pool have been held at Shangri La Tbilisi casino. Storm International Director Darren Keane spoke about the lotteries of four types:

  • VIP lottery;
  • Weekly drawing;
  • Monthly lottery;
  • Quarterly drawing.

Also, Keane Darren clarified that a separate prize fund is set for each type of lottery:

  • VIP lottery – 250 000 GEL. The drawing will be held on July 15.
  • Weekly drawing – 25 000 GEL. Drawings run every Saturday.
  • Monthly drawing – 75 000 GEL. Drawings run every last Saturday of the month.
  • Quarterly drawing – 125 000 GEL. Drawings will be held every three months.

A pleasant surprise awaits the participants: each casino ticket participates in all lotteries, which significantly increases the chances of winning a prize.


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