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Steps To Remove Blacklisted Status From Your Website

So, even after trying it hard you cannot keep the malware at bay and it was not long, when your website shows some signs on Google browser like this site may harm your computer. This is enough to scare away your prospective visitors and customers, and get your business under lock and key. You need to look out for ways and faster, just to get this message out of your site and to get rid of the blacklist mark on your website. There are some online tutorials available, where you will learn o how to sign in Google search and authenticate your ownership. You will further learn ways to submit blacklist removal request and remove the blacklisted status from your website.

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Procedures in simple terms:

This might be your first time when you are trying to remove blacklisted status from your business website. But first, even before you start with the first step, it is mandatory for you to ensure that the website infection has been fixed and you have proven track of that. After that, for the next step, you need to visit the Google Search Console and start working on the next steps around here.

Some final steps to follow:

After receiving Google Search Console, you have to sign there with your Google account, which is your Gmail account, as well. After that, you have to authenticate that you are the owner of the website or responsible person of the blacklisted site. For that, you need to request for a review. If everything is stated to be ok in this regard, then within a span of 3 days, your blacklisted status will be easily removed from your business website. Always remember that it is rather difficult for you to work on business with blacklisted site. So, fix that ASAP.


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