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Securtel.Us Jail Calls and Inmate Calls

Everyyear more than 22 million calls are made to the numerous state and federal jails around the country. Inmate calling services tend to be costly and largely regulated by both state and federal laws. There are a number of ways in which one can minimize the cost implications of reaching out to their incarcerated persons.Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Securtel.Us has provided the best inmate calling services and U.S. to International Inmate Call Services since 1991.

Securtel.Us provides the latest in long distance, international voice & communications technology for inmates and their families by helping them choose and monitor their billing. These include Toll Free Access, Local Number Access, VoIP App Access, using your existing contacts. Additionally they do not place a cap on your call time. SecurTel isn’t affiliated with any correctional facilities and their phone rate policies. There is also a jail calling app that helps ease your calling plans by keeping tabs on your charges.

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SecurTel is the lowest price bidder among the inmate calling service providers. There’s no penalty for cancelling the account and you can cancel it anytime. The voice quality is high and the rates are comparatively low.You also have the option of changing your destination number and there are no sign up fees for subscribers. You can sign in for a 3 months plan with a one-time payment charge of $45.98. This covers the sign up fees, FCC taxes and the activation fees.

SecurTel provides a variety of calling options depending on where you call from i.e. international calls, local calls and long distance calls. Ideally you are encouraged to call your inmate using a locally registered line to minimize the cost of reaching them via the phone. Securtel.Us provides an alternative to high cost jail calls by bypassing the long distance charges you get from using GTL and Securus. By using SecurTel you’ll be joining a long list of satisfied inmates and their families who rely on the service provider’s calling platform.

SecurTel offers advanced and quality customer service to tis clients. The team can be reached through callas, emails, and webchat which increases yourrange of options when it comes to seeking help. There’s also a detailed FAQ on their web page to guide you in how to subscribe and manage your account.There’s a customer service team that is on standby 24/7 every day of the year to attend to your inmate calling needs and queries.


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