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It is a common case scenario that various natural calamities occur like floods, earthquakes etc which cause a vast destruction to human health and property thereby causing economical and technical loss. The worst affected are the technical connections that are disrupted and lost during the occurrence of natural disasters. Thus the company undergoes a great loss and it becomes very difficult to recover from it. This gives a lot of stress to the owner as well as the employees who need to think a lot about restoring and building up everything again. The best solution to this problem is thus disaster recovery plan.

This plan refers to the process that involves undertaking and documenting the rules and regulations so as to prevent a business IT sector from any kind of striking disaster. Such plans are very helpful in saving the IT infrastructure and avoiding the disruption of signals at the time of the disaster. The blame game of a bad company is also hence avoided because the signals tend to be stronger as before. For eg- the earthquake may strike leading to personal and public losses including IT infrastructure loss and terrorist attacks that are manmade may occur again leading to property loss. Disaster plan recovery is sometimes also called continuity of operations plan. This is majorly associated with the recovery of information technology data, assets and facilities.

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The main focus is on the fact that organizations and companies can not afford to avoid the natural calamities but they can take initiatives to prevent their sectors from it. This will increase the business establishment also. It is usually done by assigning proper staff and assigning proper and structured work to each and every employee. The preparation of synchronized backup plans not only minimizes the disruption of operations but also ensures organizational stability and good recovery. There are generally two kinds of recoveries:

  • Recovery point objective
  • Recovery time objective

Advantages of opting for a  data recovery plan:

  • Minimizing risk of delays: It is obvious that delays will be minimized because the plans are made beforehand thus no need of delay case arises. People would already know what and when to do
  • Security basis are provided : It obviously provides a sense of security in the way that people are not tense about what to do in this situation, they know that they have a foolproof plan thus they can act accordingly without panicking
  • Checking the general reliability of the systems available: It checks how reliable our systems are that we can take use from at the time of emergency
  • Reducing time wastage over decision making during the disaster: As mentioned above, time wastage over useless discussion is prevented and actions can be taken prompt
  • Providing a standard for testing the plan: The plan also gets evaluated in terms that the staff would know after executing it that what were the loop holes and on what areas do we need to focus more


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