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Pros and Cons of SEO

Many business owners nowadays go into a zone of a dilemma on how to use the digital marketing tool to improve their business. There are multiple types of website traffic available in the market which makes people get confused about which tool will perfectly suit their business. Large firms or multinational firms have the capability to spend lots of money in advertising, but small and medium firms do not have so many funds to invest in advertising so they will look for digital marketing automatically because this is really cheap.

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Pros of using SEO for your business website


  • SEO helps in bringing continuous flow of free and steady traffic in your website. There is a fact that Google recently published that in the year 2013, people around the world made searches of around 2.2 trillion in Google which means 5,922,000,000 per day. SEO can help you push your website into this heavy traffic which will bring in more customers to your digital shop.

  • SEO helps your website to reach the right customer who is trying to get that particular type of service which is provided by you. The traffic generated by SEO has a good chance of conversion.

Cons of using SEO for your business website


  • A major drawback of using SEO for your business is that it is aslow process; it takes a good amount of time to show tangible results. In digital marketing, success does not come just by developing an attractive website; you need to have a good presence in the search engines.

  • As because SEO websites take a lot of time to show visible results, it also takes a lot of time to give you a good return on your investments and efforts. This may not be an ideal thing to be in for small firms because they need substantial returns to have continuity in their operations.

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