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Packing Office Electronics during Move- Tips to Consider

An office is just incomplete without different types of electronic devices. The electronic devices in the offices work as the handiest tools to get the jobs done with ease, to communicate with the clients, to maintain important data and sometimes to entertain people etc. At the same time, the electronic devices are really delicate. Therefore, it is necessary to protect these devices properly while moving a business to a new location. So, in case you are planning to move your office and want to know the ways to pack the electronics items in a proper manner, then here are some tips that can help you.

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  1. Packing video and audio components: Before you start unhooking any electronics of your office, you must know how to hook those back. It is better to click a picture of the wired configuration to reconnect those items at the new place by your own. For moving the DVD/CD/ Blu-Ray Player, make it sure that all the disks are out and placed in proper places for prevention of damage. After packing the electronic items, pack the wires, remote control and other parts of the electronic item in the same box to avoid scratching. Then seal the box by using two or three pieces of packing tape.
  2. Moving monitors and TV: Packing or moving TV or monitors need different types of handling options. The LCD screens of the monitors are lighter and less prone to get damaged. Still these should be handled carefully. On the other hand, the plasma TV screens are heavier and more delicate and therefore these are more susceptible to get damaged from mishandling and extreme temperatures. So, while packing both of these things, it is necessary to use the original packaging and box.
  3. Laptops: Before packing the laptops, make sure you back up all the files either to any external hard drive or to any cloud-based system. Also check whether you have removed all the USB devices, flash drives or CDs from the laptop. Always pack the laptop in the original box. But in case it is not possible, then use a box, which is large enough.
  4. Scanners and printers: Start preparing the printer for packing by removing all the ink cartridges. Remember that leaving ink cartridges can cause damage to the printer. Then pack it in the original box for offering the best protection or try to pad the printer if you are using a different box.


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