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Make Dispensable HR Professionals Indispensable

Does your HR team feel integral to the success of your business?

Do they believe that they could be replaced without a delay or difficulty?

A key piece of advice from HR professionals to employees who feel dispensable is to become indispensable. A worrying fact has come to light though, a recent survey indicated that 63% of HR professionals feel that they are not indispensable and could be removed or replaced, perhaps on a whim.

1800 HR workers from the full range of UK business sectors were contacted by a well known employment agency and the feedback was clear, skills were transferable; this is both good and bad. Good in the respect that if the HR professional wants to change their career path, their skill set works with several other job specifications. Bad, in that HR professionals view themselves as easily replaceable.

The survey also revealed that staff involved in administrative tasks feel more vulnerable than employees on the front line of production. This isn’t an accurate reflection but job security is a vital element and a change of mindset is imperative in HR. These professionals are as necessary as their colleagues in other areas of business, no exceptions. Understanding this truth aids their path to becoming indispensable.

One of the leading HR advisors and training consultants in and around the Thames Valley is Robin Rhodes, who works with Thames Valley Business Advisors. Robin has over 30 years of experience in HR and 20 years overseeing employment tribunals. He wants to do his part to ensure HR professionals are indispensable.

He can introduce techniques and skills in to a workplace and re-energises HR departments.

Robin is particularly interested in working as an HR advisor to SME’s.

Imagine that a HR professional works for a company in which they feel that a technician is more valuable than they are. This is a false representation.

Who is it that needs to retain the technician’s skills and presence?

Who works to ensure that a workplace is positive and fair?

Who handles disputes effectively?

Who works on payroll, holiday, sick leave and maternity?

Who discusses company benefits, pensions and schemes?

HR professionals.

Now imagine that there were no HR professionals in a business environment. Chaos would ensue and staff attrition rates would rocket. The technician may opt for employment elsewhere.

CIPD’s spring 2017 outlook research findings for management praise and recognition to staff statistics were as follows:

Once or twice in the past year:           41%.

Once or twice a month:                       26%.

Once or more per week:                      12%.

Never:                                                     18%.

Where no recognition is given, this is more likely to be in the private sector (21%) than in voluntary or public-sector roles (10%.)

Training HR professionals to recognise their worth, their strengths and weaknesses means that they have the motivation and tools to be the best HR employees possible.

Some HR professionals may be replaceable but the majority are not, it’s a matter of changing perceptions.

Contact Robin and invite a sense of being an invaluable HR asset.


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