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How the age gap between your father says about you

Online reputation management is a search term an increasing amount of people is searching for. Due to the popularity of the Internet and information being available at our fingertips, we got used to turning to Google for looking at solutions to our problems.

There are many companies and agencies out there that help businesses and individuals alike on helping them improve how they appear on Google’s search engine results pages. So let’s look a little deeper to just who might these people be. Well first off, you need to make sure they have a stellar reputation if you are going to be hiring them for yours.

They may be defined as geeks since they need to know how the Google algorithm works as well as have knowledge on public relations. So let’s dive into the definition of what a geek may be. It means they have a high IQ and an intense focus on subjects of interest and a tendency to be socially awkward.

Research has shown that a boy is more likely to be geeky when they have an older dad. The way the research was conducted was with 15,000 British twins rating them on various attributes such as non-verbal IQ scores and even assessed their parents in level of focus and interests.

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The results were that kids who are born with dads that were 25 or younger had a score lower than kids whose dads were 35to 44 when they were born. Researchers noticed the distinction between the ages of the fathers and the geekiness of their children, they just have no idea why that is.

Researchers can only hypothesize that when their children are born, they are more focused on their careers thus making them socially aloof. In turn they are just passing these genes onto their children. Another possibility is that order men are more economically established as compared to younger dads to offer more learning experiences for their children.

The research also shows that boys tend to be geekier than girls. There is an interesting point to be made here since boys are also more likely to develop autism which is a trait also linked to the age of the child’s father. For those who are familiar with autism, the definition researchers defined as geeky can also be seen in autistic children.

Going back to online reputation management, it is interesting to see just who is behind the scenes and truly understand what they are doing.


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