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Growth Hacking- A new concept in marketing

Marketing has been done since a very long time. Many companies, brands and businesses have done marketing in order to expand their services as well as attract the customers from all around the world. Marketing is also done to promote your brand to various audiences. In modern times, traditional marketing has been replaced with growth hacker marketing. This is the new type of marketing that is being done nowadays and has proved to be very successful for most of the brands and businesses.

What is Growth Hacking?

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Growth hacking is simply a marketing strategy that is being practiced by growth hackers to achieve their target and goals. Growth hackers are the professionals who have only one goal in their mind that is to achieve a certain thing that they want the most at any cost. Hackers are the people who have set their goal to achieve that target. For example, hackers try their best to get unauthorized access to the computer and most of them succeed at it. But the main point is that it doesn’t matter what strategy they use to get access. Their goal is to get access to that computer and they also succeed at it. The same strategy is being followed by growth hackers to attract the maximum number of customers towards any business or brand. It doesn’t matter how they do it. But yes, they succeed at attracting the customers.

Market your product with Growth hacking

There are many companies which are using this strategy to market their products among the users. The objective is to attract maximum number of users for that specific product. This type of marketing is usually cheap as compared to traditional marketing. With this marketing, these users as well as online market will also get the bonus or advantage which they can use for their personal use.


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