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Different Types Of Paper Cutters To Help Your Business

Paper is a very important component of office stationary. You cannot think of an office without paper, most likely because it doesn’t exist. When papers are needed in different sizes especially custom ones, it is required to cut the paper in the office. This cutting of paper on a large scale is done by the paper cutter guillotine or paper trimmer. Paper cutting guillotines are available in all shapes and sizes, from the small tabletop office cutter to the gigantic guillotine used at the newspaper printing press, where a large number of papers are required to be cut into a desired size.

Ideal 5560 Guillotine with optional sidetable

Types of paper cutting guillotines

Arm cutter: These are the basic types of cutters which are manually operated. It contains a flat surface on which the paper is kept which needs to be cut. It has a hinge arm attached to the flat surface with blades attached to it. It can cut only the limited amount of paper at one time. It is good for personal use but the blade wears out after sometime and thus the fine cutting of the blade is changed into blunt cutting of the paper.

Rotary paper cutter: As the name suggests this cutter uses rotary cutter and the paper is placed on the flat surface. The surface also has a ruler for the proper positioning of the paper. As the roller slides down it cuts the paper along the line of the ruler giving a precise cutting of the paper. This cutter is generally used by the photographers for cutting the edges of the photographs. It is the better version of the paper cutter than its previous one.

Manual guillotines: This cutter is used for cutting large stock of paper manually. The paper is placed on the flat surface of the cutter. The paper is adjusted on the cutter and then the paper is held by the clamp and then the heavy blade is dropped on the paper as the handle is pulled. The amount of paper can be sliced through this cutter depends upon the weight of the blade.

Electronic semi automatic guillotines: This paper cutter is similar to the manual guillotine. The only difference between the two is this that the blade of the cutter is motorised. The power use to operate the machine is either electric or hydraulic. It can slice large amount of paper.

Ideal 4860 Guillotine

Usage and benefits of paper cutter

  • This machine makes the cutting of large amount of paper to one size with precision. Thus, giving the professional look to the trimmed papers.
  • Large number of paper could be sliced to the desired sized with precision and with minimum involvement of human labor.



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