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6 Wealthiest Businessmen in the UK

The United Kingdom has been overruling some of the biggest revenue generating countries for last couple of years. Since 2014, it has become the only country to have over 100 billionaire individuals and families. Interestingly, these billionaires have expanded their business in other parts of the world as well. This step rise is mainly because of the source of prosperity inside the country.  Interestingly, most of these businessmen are not UK’s permanent residents, and so are liable to pay minimum income tax. Thanks to the rapidly growing trend of the high-tech developments, most of billionaires double their income just within a year.

This article lists six of thewealthiest business individuals as below.

  1. Reuben

Knownas the top lucrative property dealers in the United Kingdom, David and Simon Reuben are Mumbai-born British citizens. They have made huge money from their lucrative property deals like the John Lewis Partnership HQ in Victoria, the Millbank Tower, and various shops in Sloane Streets.With an average net worth of $18.9 billons, the Reuben brothers are also famed for being cagey of debtand consistently holding a large percentage of their wealth in liquid assets like cash and bonds.

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  1. Weston

Galen was born in Buckinghamshire, and builds most of his wealth from the massive George Operation in different cities of Canada.  The Weston Empire owns many food stores such as Weston Foods, Loblaw supermarket chain etc. The group also has established their British branch- Associated British Foods which is run by George Weston(Galen Weston’s nephew).

  1. Frederick Barclay

The 80-year-old Twins made most of their fortune from retail and hotel operations such as the Berkeley, the Connaught, and the Claridge that stand as some of the iconic hotels in London. David and Frederick Barclay are also known for owning the Telegraph Newspaper that they purchased for £665 million in 2004. They sold their stake to a Qatari merchant for £ 2.4 million in 2015.

  1. Frederickson

Known as the richest man of Norway, John Frederickson invests in fish farming, oil-support operations, and shipping. His wealth went largely down during the Iraq and Iran war in 1980 to 1988 but his tankers defied the fighting and picked up oil from the regions.

  1. Usmanov

AlisherUsmanov built his fortune with iron-ore and steel mines and companies like Metalloinvest. The 62-year-old Russian capitalist also has a 30% stake in Arsenal Football Club. Recently, the emergence of more favorable tax laws in Russia made AlisherUsmanov to move the ownership of some of his businesses back to the country.

  1. AntónioHorta

This Portuguese banker started his banking career in Citibank, Portugal where he served as vice president and became the head of Capital Markets. António Horta worked in various corporate and banking divisions in large cities of the world including London and New York City. In 2011, Osorio joined Lloyds Banking Group as the executive director and soon became the CEO.  With one of the highest wages in the UK, Osorio ranks among the wealthiest business personalities in the country.


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